How do I get to the Torbay Hospital?

To get google map directions to the Torbay Hospital please click

What can I expect to happen?

After taking a medical history and performing a thorough cardiovascular examination almost all new patients will have an ECG and Echocardiogram (ultrasound scan of the heart). All will be performed by Dr Tometzki and the results will be discussed during the consultation.  

What fees can I expect?

There are two elements to the fees. Firstly Torbay Hospital will charge hospital fees depending on what facilities/equipment are used. For self pay clients these can be paid via credit card or by cheque.  Secondly Dr Tometzki will invoice for medical fees within BUPA, AXA PPP & WPA guidelines.  Again for self pay clients these can be paid by cheque or PAYPAL. If you need further information on the current fee schedule please call 0117 230 2398